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Crapaud Agriplex … a versatile, multi-use facility

Agriplex #1. Is 110ft x 72ft (7920 sq ft) with asphalt flooring. 45 removable box stalls. 10 stalls are 10ft x 10ft, 2 stalls are 10ft x 9ft all other stalls are 10ft x 8ft. Two 14ft wide alley ways. Lots of room.

Agriplex #2. is 154ft x 74ft (11396 sq ft)  of which 58ft x 74ft has asphalt flooring 72ft x 52ft has shale flooring. This building has many configurations:

  •         Can have 62 box stalls with 15ft wide alley ways; OR
  •         Can have 43 box stalls with a 72ft x 52ft indoor show ring. OR
  •         Whatever your needs are. Have held a large BBQ in this facility.

Agriplex #1 and #2.

  •         Both buildings have lots of windows, large doors and high insulated ceilings.
  •         All stalls are removable making these  very versatile, multi-use facilities … any      configuration can be requested.
  •         We can accommodate any request.


Clean Facility.  Excellent air circulation. Buildings are thoroughly clean and disinfected after every show. We are proud to offer clean fresh facilities. Sound. Both Agriplex #1 and #2 have integrated and or separate sound systems. Main Show Ring.  A fenced 110ft x 220ft show ring. Excellent footing ideal for Dressage, Western Pleasure and Reining. Barrel Racing Ring.  A fenced 220ft x 100ft ring as available for Barrel Racing and Jump events.  Excellent footing for Barrel Racing and Jumping. Warm Up Ring. Fenced 80ft x 180ft warm up ring. Announcers Booth & Office. With electricity and sound system. Security. Overnight security is provided from 10pm – 6am. Additional security can be requested. Wash Area. An outside asphalt wash area is available for washing live stock outside both barns. 110 Volt electrical outlets. available for cattle dryers. Bedding. Only shavings can be used as bedding. Shavings can be purchased on site. Exceptions to the bedding policy can be discussed for non horse shows. Washrooms. Washrooms currently available on site. Camping.  10 sites with electrical hook up and water for campers. Parking. Ample FREE parking provided in designated areas. Spectators. Are always welcome, no charge. Seating available beside Main Show Ring. Crapaud Agriplex can supply the following:

  •         Stall reconfiguration in Agriplex #2
  •         Sound system at an additional cost in Agriplex #2
  •         Cattle Drying electrical outlets
  •         40 Jump Standards
  •         40 Jump Rails
  •         2 Flower boxes
  •         4 Brush boxes
  •         12 Break away cups
  •         40 Jump cups
  •         6 Steele barrels
  •         3 Plastic barrel
  •         Set of 6 heavy duty pole bases plus pole bending poles
  •         1 Western Trail bridge
  •         6 Western trail cones
  •         1 Western trail gate
  •         Additional bench seating

Need more space?

  • Crapaud Agriplex can and does partner with other Crapaud facilities to host larger events.

Depending on your needs and obviously at additional cost:

  • Crapaud Exhibition grounds has additional buildings that can be utilized;
  • Crapaud Curling club can also partnered with the Crapaud Agriplex to host events; and,
  • Crapaud Actiplex can partner with Crapaud Agriplex to host events.